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What is Compulsive Gambling?

Compulsive gambling is a disease that consists in the inability to resist to bet, even if you have already lost an huge amount of money and your finances are dropped drastically. There is a solution, and the first step on this direction is to recognize the problem.

When Gambling Becomes a Problem

Gambling addiction is a serious problem that needs to be treated like every other addictions. It's extremely dangerous because it slowly affects your finances and can ruin drastically your lifestyle.

Controlling Gambling

Sometimes gambling becomes more than just a fun pastime and it starts to control the life of a person. When this happens it must be taken seriously and be treated as soon as possible. For any professional help, you could rely on many anonymous associations on the internet.

Women and Gambling

Did you know that a big part of the online gambling community is made by women? Curious to know which games they prefer? Find it on this article.

Post UIGEA: The Gambling Industry in Europe

In the USA online gambling needs to be regulated again, after the big changes of 2006 that created an earthquake in the industry . In Europe the gaming market is getting regulated, and some countries applied new forms of taxation and new guidelines that operators need to follow.

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